What Is The Most Important Skill?

What Is The Most Important Skill?

After many years of working, growing, and gaining experience, I noticed one thing did not change.  It did not matter how many degrees I had, how many different skills I attained, or even how extensive my work experience was.  I continue to find myself in the same cycle doing the same thing to survive the situation at hand.  Exploring and searching through all the resources available to me, to find the best solution for the given situation. If I could sum up my entire article with one statement, it is, the art of research.  

Time and time again this is what I find myself doing to solution the problem at hand. After 30 long years of challenges, events, problems, whatever it is that you want to call it. I always learn something new.  Rarely though, that same thing that I just learned, is the same solution for the next problem.  Hence, you can derive from the above, that it is actually the skill of “solution finding” that is recurrent, i.e., the art of research.  The typical learning from text books and real life situations, both of which are well appreciated and treasured, are key to achieving this art.  The art of research extends to more than just work related or even personal matters.  I constantly live the art of research, through every event in my life I always feel the need to look for more information, the need to self learn, and educate myself to rise above and move on to the next challenge and event.

I never let the, “I don’t know” phase of any new challenge stop me from facing it.  Those words are nothing but a teaser, a challenge invitation, and a competition against ignorance.  Modern day, information is at your fingertips at any time, literally.  This tease of a statement shouldn’t be words that stop you, rather accept the challenge and face the beast of “I don’t know”.  At the very least, you are exploring and growing, this is essential in the journey of one’s life.

Don’t get me wrong!  Everyone should go to school and major in a specific field.  As a matter of fact, I encourage everyone to study in a field that they are passionate about.  Scratch that, find what you love, study it, and become an expert in that field!  To reach that expert level of knowledge, you need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and master the art of research.

Therefore, if you ask me what is the most important skill one should strive to achieve?  I would strongly affirm that the art of research is the most vital of skills to survive life.

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  1. Jamal Sumrein

    Jamal Sumrein
    This is necessary advice for people who feel “stuck” and encourages to improve their situation as their doubt and reluctance is what’s limiting themselves.

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