We provide IT services and specialize in the following industries


Non-Profit Organizations

We had strong experience on how non-profit org work and how it is structured.  We understand how it is important to get their message out.  We support religious non-profit, charitable non-profit, and educational non-profit type of organizations. 

Educational Institutes

We support all types of educational institutes, from early childhood, to primary, to secondary, to higher education.  Furthermore, we support technical and professional type of training institutes.

Small Retail and Service Businesses

We fully understand how small businesses struggle to stay in the market while trying to achieve its growth goals.  We specially, provide IT marketing strategies and tools to a successful results.  We support retail and service type of businesses, like, automotive, retail clothing stores, small diners and restaurants, beauty and hair salons, home services like cleaning and landscaping, other type of services, like insurance, translations, event planning, and more...

Professional Service type of Businesses

Accounting, Legal, Medical, Pharmaceutical type of services and establishments